Quentin D. Read

Postdoctoral Fellow; Data Scientist

Dr. Quentin Read first arrived at SESYNC in 2018 as a postdoctoral research fellow working with the Food Waste and Environment group, investigating the environmental impacts of food waste throughout the food supply chain. In 2019, he joined SESYNC's data science team, helping SESYNC researchers and working groups with data analysis, visualization, processing, and management. He also developed and taught lessons for SESYNC’s data science curriculum and maintained the rslurm package to lower barriers to access to SESYNC’s high-performance computing cluster. 

In his work, Quentin used big open data to understand how humans influence the natural world. His SESYNC research involved: 

  1. Identifying the sectors of the U. S. economy that are the most responsible for the food system's environmental impacts
  2. Assessing the effectiveness of proposed interventions and technologies to reduce food waste
  3. Incorporating biodiversity into environmental assessments of food production and consumption. 

An ecologist by training, Quentin earned his PhD at the University of Tennessee and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in spatial and community ecology at Michigan State University before coming to SESYNC. Please see Quentin's website for more information on his publications and research interests.

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2018 - 2021
Areas of Expertise
environmental science
environmental economics
data science
Research Interests
Food Systems
global change ecology
biodiversity and ecosystem function
teaching data science
Methods of Expertise
geospatial data analysis
input-output models
Bayesian statistics
R package development