Survive the Century


You are the senior editor of the world’s most popular and trusted news organization. You have the enviable power to set the news agenda, and thereby influence how the world responds to climate change. What if you invest in green technology and cut taxes? What if you rewild half of the world’s agricultural land? What if you unleash your inner supervillain and spark WWIII? What if you block out the sun (just a little bit)? Your choices will determine how well humanity will survive the 21st century. No pressure. Survive the Century is a branching narrative story about the political, environmental and social choices humans will face between 2021 and 2100 as we adapt to the ravages of climate change. This is a work of fiction, but it is informed by real science. Featuring short fiction by Lauren Beukes, Rajat Chaudhuri, Maria Turtschaninoff and Sophia Al-Maria, as well as illustrations by Annika Brandow.

Publication Type
Sam Beckbessinger, Independent
Simon Nicholson, American University