Synthesizing dam-induced land system change


Dam construction and operation modify land systems. We synthesized 178 observations of dam-induced land system changes from 54 peer-reviewed case studies. Changing extents of forests (23%), agricultural land (21%), and built-up areas (11%) were reported frequently, alongside alterations in land use intensity (23%). Land cover changes were mostly related to hydropower and multi-purpose dams, while irrigation dams dominantly caused land use intensity changes. While a significant share of the changes was caused by reservoir flooding (29%), indirect effects which interact with societal and environmental systems (42%) were of utmost importance. We suggested the distance to the dam and the time since commissioning as potential controls for the direction of land system changes. Our insights provide opportunities for future inductive investigations across large populations of dams at regional to global scales and highlight that multi-disciplinary research perspectives are imperative for the production of generalizable knowledge.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Philippe Rufin
Daniel Müller
Patrick Hostert

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