Leakage Deforestation

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Leakage and expansion of soybean production under zero-deforestation supply chain commitments analyzing the effectiveness of the soy moratorium in Brazil and changes in regional to global soybean production and trade flows


Zero-deforestation supply chain commitments are a promising strategy to reduce deforestation for globally traded commodities. While providing straightforward mechanism to eliminate deforestation from commodity production, processes of leakage displacing environmental effects between regions or commodities, may undermine their effectiveness in halting deforestation. This project spans from farmlevel analysis to analyzing and regional to global patterns of soybean expansion and trade flows as one of the most important globally traded agricultural commodity. Finally, the projects synthesizes the achieved knowledge on the effectiveness versus leakage processes and embeds these findings within the larger body of literature. The project explores new approaches to evaluate farm-level effects of zerodeforestation supply chain commitments and analyzing spatio-temporal dynamics in spatial detailed and at large spatial scales. Overall, the project contributes to advance the understanding of socioenvironmental change in response to the adoption of zero-deforestation commitments, which allows understanding the effectiveness of supply chain commitments in limiting negative environmental effects of production.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship
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