SESYNC Leaders Participate in International Meeting of Synthesis Centers Directors

SESYNC leadership participate in a meeting of directors of synthesis centers from all over the world via the International Synthesis Consortium at the Powell Center in Ft. Collins, CO

Dr. Margaret Palmer, SESYNC Director and Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland; Dr. James Boyd, SESYNC Director of Social Science and Policy and Senior Fellow and Director of Resources for the Future's Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth; and Dr. Jonathan Kramer, SESYNC Director for Interdisciplinary Science, participated this week in a meeting at the Powell Center in Ft. Collins, CO of synthesis center directors from across the world via the International Synthesis Consortium.

Directors met to share information on best practices, ways to collaborate, measuring synthesis impacts, and more. Attendees were from established centers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Canada along with representatives of countries, such as Brazil and New Zealand, who have interests in establishing synthesis centers.