Kelly Hondula

Research Affiliate

Dr. Kelly Hondula served on SESYNC's data science team from 2012 to 2021, supporting the diverse computational and analytical needs of interdisciplinary research teams. Kelly helped researchers take advantage of advancements in scientific computing to accelerate their research through highly iterative consulting, troubleshooting, and teaching. She contributed to more than a dozen multi-day, hands-on training courses and developed teaching material on web applications, geospatial analysis, data processing, and visualization. Her work promoting open science has been supported by the WikiMedia Foundation and a fellowship from the non-profit organization rOpenSci. 

Kelly's research focuses on the effects of water movement through landscapes, with an emphasis on improving water resource management and new monitoring technologies. She studies the interaction of hydrological and biogeochemical processes, especially in headwaters and the smallest water bodies. She is currently a postdoc with the National Ecological Observatory Network, which awarded her a postdoctoral fellowship to develop new techniques for mapping aquatic ecosystems and water quality. Kelly received her doctorate in Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Maryland and holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia.

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2012 - 2021
Areas of Expertise
aquatic ecology
data science
Research Interests
water quality
carbon cycle
flood risk
Methods of Expertise
ecosystem ecology
geospatial analysis
remote sensing
data analysis