Michael Perring

Visiting Scholar in Residence

Dr. Michael Perring is on the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University in Belgium. His research focuses on the interactions among land use legacies and contemporary environmental change and how they affect ecosystem properties. Using plant traits to project community assembly and ecosystem function, he is known for his work on ecological restoration interventions and targets in the Anthropocene. While visiting SESYNC, Michael presented his ideas on novel ecosystems in which biotic and abiotic changes have led to systems with no precursor. These novel ecosystems are now increasingly widespread across the globe. While at SESYNC, he also investigated how to better estimate the causes of novel ecosystem terrestrial extent and thus better inform policy and management interventions in the restoration and conservation spheres.

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Photo of Michael Perring
2013 - Present
Areas of Expertise
environmental science
Research Interests
ecosystem services
ecosystem restoration
Methods of Expertise
plant taxonomy
restoration design