Francine Mejia

Scientific Review Committee Member

Dr. Francine J. Mejia is a research scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center. As an aquatic ecologist, Francine’s research includes synthesizing monitoring data and assessment tools to evaluate habitats and inform river restoration. Francine has studied thermal heterogeneity in rivers; stream metabolism; cold-water refuges; the consequences of variability in productivity across spatial scales for food webs; and groundwater-surface water exchange. Francine received her PhD in Natural Resources and Fisheries Science from the University of Idaho. Francine served on SESYNC’s Scientific Review Committee. 

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Photo of Francine Mejia
2017 - 2020
Areas of Expertise
aquatic ecology
stream productivity
water quality (dissolved oxygen and temperature)
Research Interests
climate change
river restoration
stream productivity and food web ecology
understanding spatial and temporal variability of temperature
Methods of Expertise
remote sensing
thermal infrared imagery