Facilitating Interdisciplinary Meetings: A Practical Guide


This guide is intended to be a practical introduction to approaches and practices we use at SESYNC in facilitating synthesis meetings, trainings, and workshops to help improve teamwork processes. 

  • Part 1 gives an overview of different facilitative roles and provides considerations to bear in mind if you will be working with an external facilitator or asking a member of your team to help.
  • Part 2 covers steps to take before a meeting begins, whether you are preparing to facilitate for a full meeting or a single session.
  • Part 3 presents common techniques and practices that you can use during meetings, from establishing ground rules and managing time to checking in and seeking feedback.
  • Part 4 shares some advice for reflecting, debriefing, and continuing to work with teams after the meeting is finished.

To view in your browser and/or download the guide, click on the PDF below.