Water Science Software Institute: Agile and open source scientific software development


An Open Community Engagement Process (OCEP) applies open source mechanics and software engineering to water science research. To operationalize OCEP, the authors conceptualize a Water Science Software Institute whose mission is to support and accelerate water science by transforming both the software and research cultures of the water science community. This article describes the OCEP open source community amplification principle as well as the authors' experiences, lessons learned, and challenges with operationalizing OCEP.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Stan Ahalt, RENCI, UNC Chapel Hill
Larry Band, University of Virginia
Laura Christopherson, RENCI, UNC Chapel Hill
Ray Idaszak, RENCI, UNC Chapel Hill
Chris Lenhardt, RENCI, UNC Chapel Hill
Barbara Minsker, Southern Methodist University
Michael Tiemann
Ann Zimmerman, University of Michigan
Computing in Science & Engineering

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