Twelve questions for the participatory modeling community


Participatory modeling engages the implicit and explicit knowledge of stakeholders to create formalized and shared representations of reality and has evolved into a field of study as well as a practice. Participatory modeling researchers and practitioners who focus specifically on environmental resources met at the National Socio‐Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) in Annapolis, Maryland, over the course of 2 years to discuss the state of the field and future directions for participatory modeling. What follows is a description of 12 overarching groups of questions that could guide future inquiry.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Rebecca Jordan, Rutgers University
Steven Gray, University of Massachusetts Boston
Moira Zellner, Northeastern University
Pierre D. Glynn
Alexey Voinov, University of Technology Sydney
Beatrice Hedelin, Karlstad University
Eleanor J. Sterling
Kirsten Leong, NOAA
Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Michigan State University
Klaus Hubacek, University of Maryland
Pierre Bommel, CIRAD
Todd K. BenDor
Antonie J. Jetter
Bethany Laursen, Michigan State University
Alison Singer, Michigan State University
Philippe J. Giabbanelli
Nagesh Kolagani, Centurion University of Technology and Management
Laura Basco Carrera
Karen Jenni, US Geological Survey
Christina Prell, University of Maryland
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