Resilience and reactivity of global food security


The escalating food demand by a growing and increasingly affluent global population is placing unprecedented pressure on the limited land and water resources of the planet, underpinning concerns over global food security and its sensitivity to shocks arising from environmental fluctuations, trade policies, and market volatility. Here, we use country-specific demographic records along with food production and trade data for the past 25 y to evaluate the stability and reactivity of the relationship between population dynamics and food availability. We develop a framework for the assessment of the resilience and the reactivity of the coupled population-food system and suggest that over the past two decades both its sensitivity to external perturbations and susceptibility to instability have increased.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Samir Suweis, University of Padova
Joel A. Carr
Amos Maritan
Andrea Rinaldo
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

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