SESYNC Announces Newly Supported Projects

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) announces several new interdisciplinary research projects have been supported. The selected projects were submitted through SESYNC’s spring request for proposals (RFP) for collaborative team-based synthesis research pursuits around emerging socio-environmental synthesis topics.

The projects include eight research Pursuits and three Workshops. More information about the awarded projects can be found below.

  1. Team Synthesis Project (Pursuit): Historical Ecology
    Full Title: How does a historical perspective inform ecosystem management targets, goals, and outcomes?
    PIs: Andrew Trant, University of Waterloo; Loren McClenachan, Colby College
  2. Team Synthesis Project (Pursuit): Diversity in Eco-Function
    Full Title: The missing link: Incorporating the role of biological diversity into projections of ecosystem services
    PIs: Sarah Weiskopf, U.S. Geological Survey National Climate Adaptation Science Center; Maria Isabel Arce-Plata, Université de Montréal
  3. Team Synthesis Project (Pursuit): Governing Infrastructure 
    Full Title: Predictive modeling of the relationships among infrastructure, resource extraction, and environmental governance in Latin American forests
    PIs: Anthony Bebbington, Clark University; Rebecca Ray, Boston University
  4. Team Synthesis Project (Pursuit): Lake Victoria Coupled Natural & Human Systems
    Full Title: Perception versus reality: How the consequences of eutrophication impact subsistence fishery communities around Lake Victoria
    PIs: Jessica Corman, University of Nebraska – Lincoln; Amber Roegner, University of Oregon
  5. Team Synthesis Project (Pursuit): Food-Energy-Water System Typologies
    Full Title: Characterizing FEW system typologies across the continental U.S. for informed FEW research
    PIs: Rebecca Muenich, Arizona State University; Rebecca Hale, Idaho State University
  6. Team Synthesis Project (Pursuit): Global Dam Watch
    Full Title: Developing a community platform to map global dams, reservoirs, and river barriers
    PIs: Bernhard Lehner, McGill University; Michele Thieme, World Wildlife Fund
  7. Team Synthesis Project (Pursuit): Energy-Water Nexus of Solar Industry
    Full Title: Energy-water nexus analysis of solar energy industry
    PIs: Ilke Celik, University of Wisconsin – Platteville; Jiquan Chen, Michigan State University
  8. Team Synthesis Project (Pursuit): Global Nitrogen Decline
    Full Title: The ecological consequences of declining nitrogen concentration in plants worldwide
    PI: Andrew Elmore, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and SESYNC 
  9. Team Synthesis Project (Workshop): Urban Nature Latin America
    Full Title: Workshop on the potential of urban nature to support sustainability in Latin America: A synthesis from a socio-environmental perspective
    PIs: Camilo Ordóñez-Barona, University of Melbourne; Tahia Devisscher, University of British Columbia; José Soto, University of Arizona
  10. Team Synthesis Project (Workshop): Pastoral Land Governance
    Full Title: Synthesizing research on pastoral governance of common-pool resources
    PIs::Lance Robinson, International Livestock Research Institute; Mark Moritz, The Ohio State University
  11. Team Synthesis Project (Workshop): Creation of an Amphibian - Bsal System Model to Identify Critical Management Uncertainties
    Full Title: Co-generating a system model to improve opportunities for proactive management of the Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal) threat in North America
    PIs: Evan Campbell Grant, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center; Riley Bernard, Pennsylvania State University and USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center