SESYNC Announces Newly Supported Projects

A dam next to a mountain

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) announces that seven new interdisciplinary research projects have received support. The selected projects were submitted through SESYNC’s fall request for proposals (RFP) for collaborative team-based synthesis research projects and workshops around emerging socio-environmental synthesis topics.

The selected collaborations include three research projects and four workshops. More information about the awarded projects can be found below.

  1. Team Synthesis Project: Impacts of Hydropower Dams
    Full Title: Socio-environmental impacts of large hydropower dams across the global south
    PIs: Maria Claudia Lopez Perez, Michigan State University; Emilio F. Moran, Michigan State University; Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, ICTA, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  2. Team Synthesis Project: Past Answers to Current Concerns
    Full Title: Past answers to current concerns: Historical cases of navigating socio-environmental stress
    PIs: John Haldon, Princeton University; Lee Mordechai, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  3. Workshop: Comparing West Nile Virus Forecasts
    Full Title: Bringing West Nile virus forecasting approaches together to better serve stakeholders in a changing environmentPIs: Alexander Keyel, New York State Department of Health and University of Albany; Rebecca Smith, University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine
  4. Workshop: Nutrients and Non-Farmers
    Full Title: Governing nutrient pollution beyond farmers
    PIs: David Kanter, New York University; Zdravka Tzankova, Vanderbilt University
  5. Workshop: Adaptation and Evaluation
    Full Title: Adaptation, optimality, and risk management: What do the human evolutionary sciences and the climate sciences have to offer each other?
    PIs: Anne Pisor, Washington State University; James Holland Jones, Stanford University