Richard B. Norgaard

External Advisory Board Member

Dr. Richard Norgaard is a Professor Emeritus of the Energy and Natural Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley. Dick’s research addresses how rapid environmental change challenges scientific understanding and the policy process. He is currently working on a book on American economism that documents how economistic beliefs have increasingly replaced or been incorporated into religious beliefs in America. Dick is also the author of the book Development Betrayed, is co-author/co-editor of three additional books, and has authored over 100 other publications. His work spans the fields of environment and development, tropical forestry and  agriculture, environmental epistemology, energy economics, and ecological  economics. Though an eclectic transdisciplinary scholar, Dick is a highly cited economist, a member and chair of the Delta Independent Science Board of the State of California, and a lead author in the 5th Assessment of  the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He has served on many National Academy of Sciences committees and as President of the International Society for Ecological Economics. Dick served on SESYNC’s External Advisory Board. 

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2011 - 2021
Areas of Expertise
history and institutions of science
ecological economics
Research Interests
current rapid change and uncertainties
historical and institutional context of science including economics, water, and economics as religion
Methods of Expertise
socio-ecological coevolution
historical and institutional analysis of science including economics