Karin Frank

External Advisory Board Member

Dr. Karin Frank is a Professor at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research and is Head of the Department of Ecological Modeling. The focus of Karin’s research is on modeling the structure, dynamics, functions, and stability properties of ecological, eco-hydrological, and social-ecological systems under the influence of global change. Karin is particularly interested in providing insights into complex environmental problems related to grand challenges of the society, their functioning, and induced changes and risks. She also works to identify management and policy options for their sustainable solution and to develop respective model-based tools for decision support. Her recent research topics have included survival and spread of species and species communities experiencing habitat loss, fragmentation, and environmental fluctuations, with implications for biodiversity conservation. She has also researched the performance of regulating ecosystem services under multiple stressors; the sustainability of natural resource use in drylands; the influence of uncertainty; and key factors of resilience. Karin served as a member of SESYNC’s External Advisory Board.

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2011 - 2016
Areas of Expertise
ecosystem modeling
Research Interests
climate change
land use change
institutional change
Methods of Expertise
socio-environmental modeling
agent-based modeling
dynamical modeling

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