Dave Hole

Scientific Review Committee Member

Dr. David Hole leads the Global Synthesis Team within Conservation International’s Betty and Gordon Moore Center for Science. David’s team focuses on conducting novel global analyses that identify and evaluate the contribution of natural capital (ecosystems and the biodiversity that underpins them) to human well-being across marine, freshwater, and terrestrial realms. Much of his own research has focused on climate change impacts on species and ecosystems as well as the role of protected areas in supporting species persistence in an uncertain, dynamic future. More recently, David has begun exploring the contexts in which ecosystems and the services they provide can help buffer people from the negative impacts of climate change. A native of the United Kingdom (UK), David joined Conservation International in 2008 after completing a PhD at the University of Oxford (UK) and postdoctoral work at both Oxford and Durham Universities. David has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and book chapters on subjects ranging from lipid metabolism, to house sparrow genetics, to climate change and its potential impacts on biodiversity and people. David served on SESYNC’s Scientific Review Committee.

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2016 - 2020
Areas of Expertise
conservation biology
ecological genetics
Research Interests
climate change
ecosystem services
human development
planetary boundaries
biodiversity conservation
Methods of Expertise
quantitative analysis
qualitative synthesis

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