SESYNC's Impact


Over the past 10 years, SESYNC has formed an established and growing community of scholars who use socio-environmental synthesis (SES) and team practices to produce discoveries that inform knowledge users. These SESYNC alumni have since brought the skills and knowledge gained from their time at the Center to their work in academia, the government, private sector, and beyond—furthering the use of these methodologies and approaches.


Currently underway is a formal assessment of SESYNC's long-term impact across the interdisciplinary and synthesis research communities. Until the results of this assessment become available, we share below some of the data that we’re using to inform this evaluation.


A central tenet of SESYNC's research philosophy was the inclusion of participants from across disciplines and sectors who could bring unique perspectives and approaches to solving socio-environmental problems. Here are breakdowns of the various sectors and fields that out our participants represented.


Graduate Student Research Program

SESYNC's Graduate Student Research Program focused on building capacity 


Postdoctoral Immersion Program 

SESYNC's Postdoctoral Immersion Program included cohorts of in-residence postdoctoral fellows who heavily participated in the day-to-day events of the Center. Each year, 6–7 new fellows joined the cohort for a 2-year fellowship, leading to SESYNC have an average of 15 in-residence postdocs at any one time. The program focused on fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, advancing research through individual projects, developing professional skills, and offering training.