How much data can I store in my research directory?

TL;DR: Try to have a general idea of your data storage needs and discuss it with the data science team if you are concerned, but do not be too worried unless you are going well over 1 terabyte.

How much space will I need for my data?
There’s big data, and then there’s BIG data! Data storage needs depend on the types of data you are working with, and SESYNC users vary greatly in their data needs. SESYNC’s /nfs file system is where the research data directories for SESYNC projects and for individual users are hosted — this is what you are accessing when you log into

The filesystem has a large data storage capacity. Even so, users still need to be cognizant of how much data they are storing on the filesystem to avoid maxing out the storage and compromising other people’s work. We recommend that groups have a general idea of their data storage needs and discuss it with a member of the data science team if they have any concerns about being able to store all the data they need on SESYNC’s file system.

One thing that project participants should be aware of is that SESYNC is not set up to be a data repository. We do not have the resources to store data over the long term that is not actively being used for a project. Please avoid using the filesystem to park data!

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