How do I create an RStudio project with git?

RStudio projects are folders that contain project files and a special .Rproj file. To link an RStudio project with a git repository, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Gitlab or Github project and copy the URL for the project (e.g.,
  2. Open RStudio, create a new project, choose Version Control for the project type, and select git as the type of versioned project. Use the URL from step one as the ‘Repository URL’ for your new project.

After you’ve created a project, create your initial R code and a file describing your code. When you’re ready to commit your changes and push them to Github or Gitlab, do a git commit (Tools -> Version Control -> Commit), followed by a git push (Tools -> Version Control -> Push Branch). You can also execute git commands using buttons in RStudio’s git panel (upper right) or using the terminal.