Urban water and electricity demand data for understanding climate change impacts on the water-energy nexus


As the climate crisis intensifies, it is becoming increasingly important to conduct research aimed at fully understanding the climate change impacts on various infrastructure systems. In particular, the water-electricity demand nexus is a growing area of focus. However, research on the water-electricity demand nexus requires the use of demand data, which can be difficult to obtain, especially across large spatial extents. Here, we present a dataset containing over a decade (2007–2018) of monthly water and electricity consumption data for 46 major US cities (2018 population >250,000). Additionally, we include pre-processed climate data from the North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) to supplement studies on the relationship between the water-electricity demand nexus and the local climate. This data can be used for a number of studies that require water and/or electricity demand data across long time frames and large spatial extents. The data can also be used to evaluate the possible impacts of climate change on the water-electricity demand nexus by leveraging the relationship between the observed values.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Roshanak Nateghi
Jessica Knee
Kaveh Madani
Rohini Kumar
Scientific Data