Socio-Environmental Flows

Full Title

Social and ecohydrological science connections for environmental flows


The objective of this workshop is to bring together natural scientists (with expertise in environmental flow assessment) and social scientists (with expertise in studying the relationships between basin ecosystems, human communities, and their cultures) in order to bridge their institutional knowledge on the study of environmental flows. The development of a new community of practice will establish a common approach for understanding the interdependencies of rivers and human communities, and advance an integrated science and policy of environmental flows.

Project Type
Team Synthesis Project
Principal Investigators
Rebecca Tharme, Riverfutures Limited
Sue Jackson, Griffith University
Murugesu Sivapalan, University of Illinois
Michael Douglas, University of Western Australia
Elizabeth Anderson, Florida International University
Angela Arthington, Griffith University
John Conallin, IHE Delft
Barbara Cosens, University of Idaho
Joseph Edward Flotemersch, U.S. EPA
Dustin Garrick, University of Oxford
David Groenfeldt, Water-Culture Institute
Tim Jardine, University of Saskatchewan
Jane Kabogo, Tanzanian Ministry of Water
Lin Cheng, WWF-China
Chicu Lokgariwar, Peoples’ Science Institute
Babtist Paul Lumley, Native American Youth and Family Center
Julian Olden, University of Washington
Lisa Perras Gordon, US EPA
Dirk Roux, Nelson Mandela University,
Alaka Wali, The Field Museum
Margreet Zwaaref Zwarteveen, IHE Delft
Mariana Montoya, Wildlife Conservation Society
Christopher William Dickens, IWMI Southern Africa Office

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