S-E Climate Framework

Full Title

The development of a social and ecological framework for understanding climate change mitigation and adaptation


This project uses the human–climate system to explore the question of how we build knowledge structures among undergraduate students and faculty, using climate change as an example. We will bring together climate experts trained in the social and natural sciences to participate in an iterative process that has three goals:

  • identify the variety of ways in which social and environmental scientists generate, evaluate, and use evidence to support claims regarding contentious issues like human–climate dynamics;
  • build a consensus model of the human–climate system that highlights import variables and relationships in anthropogenic climate change; and
  • use this model to develop a rubric to guide instruction for post-secondary classroom assessment.
Project Type
Team Synthesis Project
Principal Investigators
Rachael Shwom, Rutgers University
Rebecca Jordan, Rutgers University
Charles (Andy) Anderson, Michigan State University
Alan Berkowitz, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
David Blockstein, National Council for Science and the Environment
Anthony Broccoli, Rutgers University
Bob Chen, University of Massachusetts Boston
Diane Ebert-May, Michigan State University
Robert Evans Kopp, Rutgers University
Steven Gray, University of Massachusetts Boston
Cindy Isenhour, University of Maine
Robert Evans Kopp III, Rutgers University
Aaron McCright, Michigan State University
Pam McElwee, Rutgers University
Jennifer Robinson, Indiana University
Amanda Sorensen, Rutgers University

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