Natural Capital Accounting

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Accounting for U.S. ecosystem services at national and subnational scales


Accounting frameworks for ecosystem services are gaining increasing traction worldwide as governments and the private sector use them to monitor integrated environmental and economic trends. Yet, a synthesis of data sources needed to advance natural capital accounting (NCA) in the U.S. has not yet occurred. Building on international NCA standards, this pursuit, jointly funded by the USGS Powell Center and SESYNC, proposes to build a foundation for a U.S. NCA system. The team will apply NCA at the subnational scale, within a landscape managed by multiple Federal agencies and one that could provide a replicable assessment process to support more sustainable natural resource management.

Project Type
Team Synthesis Project
Principal Investigators
Ken Bagstad, US Geological Survey
Jane Carter Ingram, Ernst and Young
Carl Shapiro, US Geological Survey
Clyde Casey, US Geological Survey
Clifford Duke, Ecological Society of America
Pierre Glynn, U.S. Geographical Survey
Monica Grasso, NOAA
Julie Hass, Bureau of Economic Analysis (Consultant)
Glenn-Marie Lange, World Bank
John Matuszak, U.S. Department of State
Ann Miller, Department of the Interior-Office of Policy Analysis
Stephen Posner, COMPASS / University of Vermont
Charles Rhodes, USEPA-ORISE Fellow
Francois Soulard, Statistics Canada
Michael Vardon, Australian National University
Brian Voigt, University of Vermont
Scott Wentland, Bureau of Economic Analysis

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