Meeting the looming policy challenge of sea-level change and human migration


Minimizing the adverse consequences of sea-level change presents a key societal challenge. New modelling is necessary to examine the implications of global policy decisions that determine future greenhouse gas emissions and local policies around coastal risk that influence where and how we live.

Publication Type
Journal Article
David J. Wrathall
Valerie Mueller, Arizona State University
Peter U. Clark
Andrew Bell, New York University
Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University
Mathew Hauer
Scott Kulp, Climate Central
Elisabeth Gilmore, Clark University
Helen Adams
Robert Kopp, Rutgers
Kali Abel
Joyce Chen, Ohio State University
Alex de Sherbinin, Columbia University
Elizabeth Fussell, Brown University
Carling Hay, Boston College
Bryan Jones, Baruch College
Elizabeth Marino, Oregon State Cascades
Aimée Slangen
Koko Warner, UNFCCC
Nature Climate Change