Integrated assessments for environmental policy in the ‘post-truth’ society


This seminar report was written for practitioners of Integrated Environment Assessment (IEA): those who commission, design, participate in, compile, use and critique IEA. Likely, lessons emerging from this seminar are also useful for thematic – as opposed to ‘integrated’ – work in science and policy advice. Obviously, the topic of IEA in relation to knowledge contestation and post-truth is evolving as we speak. The seminar was meant to reflect on this topic on the basis of theory and practice, and to identify promising strands of work to address it. It was held under modified ‘Chatham House’ rules, meaning that only statements made as part of prepared presentations can be quoted and attributed. This report combines some preparatory material, a selection of take-home messages from presentations and discussion, and reflections by the report authors.

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Bas Arts
Timo Maas
Jan Bakkes, PBL, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Caroline van Bers

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