Diffuse land control, shifting pastoralist institutions, and processes of accumulation in southern Kenya


In East Africa, pastoralist systems are undergoing rapid transformation due to land enclosures, benefit distributions associated with new land uses, shifting social relations, and changing authority and governance structures. We apply a critical analysis of the institutions that mediate access and benefits across a complex mosaic of property relations within Ilkisongo Maasai pastoralist land in southern Kenya. Our analysis elucidates how global and national influences have interacted with shifting dynamics of socio-cultural norms and rules regarding access to create new benefit pathways, cascading patterns of accumulation and social differentiation, and diffuse institutional controls over land.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Mara J. Goldman
Fran├žois Mialhe
Yanni Gunnell
Charlotte Hemingway
The Journal of Peasant Studies