To co-produce or not to co-produce


Researchers, stakeholders and funding organizations have embraced co-production of knowledge to solve sustainability problems. Research focusing on the practice of co-production can help us understand what works in what contexts and how to avoid potentially undesirable outcomes.

Publication Type
Journal Article
James C. Arnott
Nicole M. Ardoin
Kristin Baja, USDN- Mid-Atlantic Region
Angela T. Bednarek
Art Dewulf, Wageningen
Clare Fieseler, UNC Chapel Hill
Kristen A. Goodrich
Kripa Jagannathan, UC Berkeley
Nicole Klenk, Toronto
Katharine J. Mach
Alison M. Meadow
Ryan Meyer, UC Davis
Richard Moss, Joint Global Change Research Institute
Leah Nichols, NSF
K. Dana Sjostrom
Missy Stults
Esther Turnhout, Wageningen University
Catherine Vaughan, International Research Institute for Climate & Society/Columbia
Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Carnegie Mellon University
Carina Wyborn, WWF
Nature Sustainability

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