SESYNC Researchers Selected as Oceana Science Advisors


On June 8th, Oceana, an international ocean conservation advocacy organization, announced their new Oceana Sciences Advisors initiative. The advisors span a range of disciplines and expertise and will work with Oceana’s “Save the Oceans, Feed the World” campaign to inform and consult on fisheries, food systems, economics, climate change and marine biodiversity.

Advisors include SESYNC postdoctoral fellow Jessica Gephart and SESYNC Fisheries and Food Security Pursuit PIs Eddie Allison and Chris Golden, as well as scholars Rosamund (Roz) Naylor, Malin Pinsky, and Boris Worm.

“This Ocean Sciences Advisors group will play a role in interfacing with Oceana about the kinds of science they’re working on related to fisheries and food security,” said Jessica Gephart.

“I think it’s a really promising way for the science that scientists are working on to be communicated more effectively to broader audiences and allows Oceana to come to the scientists and say these are the questions that are really important and actionable related to different kinds of policy. Creating that longer-term relationship between scientists and NGOs allows us to be able to produce research that is more actionable and gives input to ongoing projects that Oceana is working on.”

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