Immersion Workshop: Anthropology


The anthropology workshop brought together five scholars to discuss theories and methods used in anthropology to study socio-environmental questions and systems. Over the course of the first two days, each scholar presented several lectures on their area of expertise, and participants were given time to reflect upon and further discuss the content of the presentations in small group discussions and informal conversation during the second half of the workshop. Scholars highlighted in their presentations several subdisciplines, and the specific focus of their approach and work and situated this knowledge within the broader field of anthropology. 

Presenters & Topics Covered

  • Paige West, Barnard College and Columbia University
    • Foundation of anthropology; Critical political ecology
  • Eduardo S. Brondizio, Indiana University Bloomington
    • History of environmental anthropology; Populations and socio-environmental systems
  • Michael Paolisso, University of Maryland
    • Research methods; Culture and cognition
  • Monique Borgerhoff Mulder, University of California Davis
    • Contemporary applications in anthropology; Human behavioral ecology
  • Bonnie McCay, Rutgers University

A full playlist of the video lectures is available here.

02:00pm - 10:00pm

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