Rebecca Irwin

Scientific Review Committee Member

Dr. Rebecca Irwin is a Professor of Applied Ecology at North Carolina State University. Becky is a community and evolutionary ecologist who is passionate about plants, pollinators, and their interactions. Current research projects include how pollinators and pollination are responding to environmental change (invasive species, urbanization, and climate change), exploitation of pollination mutualisms, and effects of secondary compounds on pollinators and their parasites.

Combining concepts and techniques from studies of plant-pollinator and plant-herbivore interactions, Becky’s research team seeks to understand the ecological and evolutionary consequences of pollination mutualisms and how they will respond to environmental change.  Her team also studies the disease ecology and transmission biology of bees and their pathogens. She earned her PhD in Biology, with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution, from the University of Vermont. Becky served on SESYNC’s Scientific Review Committee. 

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2012 - 2017
Areas of Expertise
Research Interests
community ecology
pollination biology
plant-animal interactions
urban ecology
invasive species
disease ecology
Methods of Expertise
field experiments
long-term research