Lennart Olsson

External Advisory Board Member

Dr. Lennart Olsson is Professor of Geography at Lund University, Sweden, and was the founding Director of their Centre for Sustainability Studies. Lennart is also the Coordinator for a Linnaeus program, LUCID, sponsored by The Swedish Research Council Formas for the period 2008–2018.

He holds a PhD in Physical Geography from Lund University (1986), specializing in desertification and particularly the use of GIS, remote sensing, and spatial modeling to study the interaction of nature and society in semi-arid Africa. Lennart’s current research fields include human-nature interactions in the context of land degradation, climate change, and food security in Africa and around the world. He focuses on the politics of climate change in the context of poverty and food security and has a strong interest in theoretical and methodological development in the context of interdisciplinarity and sustainability science. Lennart has participated in several international assignments and was lead author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, Good Practice Guidance for Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (2002 – 2003). He is lead author on multiple, other international synthesis and reporting efforts. Lennart served as a member of SESYNC’s External Advisory Board.

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2011 - 2013
Areas of Expertise
social science
Research Interests
land degradation
climate change
food security and poverty
semi-arid Africa
Methods of Expertise
remote sensing
spatial modeling

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