Eli Fenichel

Scientific Review Committee Member

Dr. Eli Fenichal is the Knobloch Family Professor of Natural Resource Economics at Yale University. Eli’s research approaches natural resource management and sustainability as a portfolio management problem by considering natural resources as a form of capital. He is interested in how people can and do allocate natural resources and in natural resource risks through time. He also has a strong interest in feedbacks among humans, ecosystems, and the management of coupled ecological-economic processes. Eli’s research is applied in a wide variety of systems including natural capital valuation, fisheries, infectious disease, groundwater, tropical forests, and grasslands.  He is extensively published and most recently named a Global Fellow by the Smart Prosperity Initiative.

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2013 - 2014
Areas of Expertise
environmental science
Research Interests
socio-economics & the environment
natural capital
ecosystem services
Methods of Expertise
bio-economic modeling
economic theory