Bret D. Elderd

Scientific Review Committee Member

Dr. Bret Elderd is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Bret’s research focuses on examining how disease outbreaks, community structure, and environmental variation influence population dynamics by combining field experiments and theoretical models. Bret is particularly interested in: host-pathogen interactions, variability within and between populations in disease transmission, population viability, and rare species management. Taking a quantitative approach to ecological questions, his work is highly mathematical. Bret received his PhD in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He served on SESYNC’s Scientific Review Committee.

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2015 - 2019
Areas of Expertise
quantitative ecology
disease ecology and evolution
and population demography
Research Interests
climate change
disease epidemics and dynamics
plant and animal population dynamics
and host-pathogen coevolution
Methods of Expertise
Bayesian analysis
mathematical modeling
disease and population modeling