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Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center

Bridging boundaries for research & discovery.

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) brings together the science of the natural world with the science of social systems and decision making to solve problems at the human-environment interface. For 10 years, SESYNC has accelerated research and learning that seeks to understand the structure, functioning, and sustainability of coupled social and environmental systems. To further this work, we invite you to explore our research and learning resources.

Center Highlights

Three researchers in a forest gathering data
Lesson: What Types of Methods Are Used to Study Sustainability Problems?
Using the fields of anthropology, sociology, ecology, and economics, this lesson introduces learners to some of the common methods of different disciplines that are contributing to the study of, as well as finding solutions to, problems of S-E sustainability.
The header of SESYNC's newsletter and a image showing trees and grass growing out of an open book laid flat on a table
Our Latest Newsletter
In Case You Missed It: Our latest newsletter highlights SESYNC's collection of 70+ FREE lessons—perfect for learning inside and outside the classroom—on socio-environmental topics.
People working to replant tress after a natural disaster
Resilience Theory & Socio-Environmental Systems
This explainer introduces the concept of resilience theory and how it applies to socio-environmental systems experiencing disturbances or change.