Workshop explores challenges and opportunities for socio-environmental education

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Jun 21, 2012

The first SESYNC education workshop titled: “Socio-Environmental Synthesis Education: Goals, Resources and Tools” was held June 4-5, hosting 39 scholars, practitioners and media professionals from 3 countries at  SESYNC in Annapolis.  A series of plenary presentations, small group discussions and workshop-wide synthesis discussions, discussed:  

  • the nature of socio-environmental synthesis, describing successful cases of SES driving innovation in environmental policy and management,
  • identification of key skills and knowledge needed to do SES, strategies and tools for developing SES learning units (from short modules to multi-course progressions) and integration of SES units into current curricula,
  • identification of attributes of SES that facilitate integrated interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the humanities, and the environmental and social sciences, and
  • identification of institutional challenges and faculty development needs for increasing the capacity for SES education.
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