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Brief Summary


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Introduction to Socio-Environmental Synthesis Series

What are socio-environmental systems, what is synthesis, and how does one conduct synthesis research? In this three-part video series, we address those questions and provide examples that highlight the complexity and rewards of studying the relationships and dynamics between social and environmental systems. The video series also helps to clarify the importance and the process of forming diverse interdisciplinary teams, and provides an overview of some analytical tools used to conduct synthesis research.

Research In Action Series

SESYNC’s series of documentaries, Research In Action, explores stories of socio-environmental research teams studying wildfire, reforestation, and water governance in the U.S. and beyond.

Communication Tutorial Series

Lisa Palmer, Senior Fellow and Journalist in Residence, shares some tips she's developed in her 20 years of working in journalism. These videos are a resource for you and your team as you develop a communication strategy for broader engagement.

Data & Methods

Socio-Environmental Synthesis draws on a diverse array of data and methods in order to begin solving complex environmental problems. Data from across natural and social sciences can be difficult to integrate, but we hope these segments help demystify the process. For more information and examples watch Part 3 of our Synthesis Series here:

Boundary Spanning Symposium

Explore the three themes of the 2018 Boundary Spanning: Advances in Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Symposium.