VIDEO: SESYNC Visualization Technologies Workshop Keynote Presentations

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Sep 14, 2012

SESYNC hosted the Visualization Technologies to Support Research on Human - Environment Interactions Workshop to focus especially on the visualization and use of spatial datasets from the social and environmental sciences.  The workshop discussed and identified some of the current visualization challenges and emerging opportunities in using spatial datasets to study human-environment interactions.  The meeting was a ‘problem-solving’ workshop wherein domain scientists from the social and environmental sciences were able to learn about visualization tools and resources available for their work and computational scientists were able to learn about  the as-yet unmet visualization needs in the domain sciences.  The keynote presentations were given by Dr. Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland, Dr. Stephen Sheppard, University of British Columbia, and Dr. Daniel Aliaga, Purdue University.  You can also find each talk in full HD here

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