VIDEO: Heads of Each of First Theme's Pursuits Meet

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Aug 13, 2012

As part of SESYNC's process,  we ask that the leads for all Pursuits in a given Theme to meet together at the outset of their work. Our intent is to provide a venue for interaction that emphasizes opportunities for collaboration and creative thinking about new questions, approaches and potentially critical gaps that need to be filled. The leads for Pursuits supported under our Founding Theme:  Ecological Wealth and Changing Human Populations, convened at SESYNC on July 27 for a day-long session. The researchers shared information about their projects, discussed cyber needs and ways to facilitate productive interactions among the diverse disciplines represented on their teams.  The session sparked a number of interesting discussions and opened the door for further collaborations over the coming year.

We conducted short interviews with each principal investigator as to the nature of their work; you can find the interviews below:

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