Using the DPSIR Framework for Transdsiciplinary Training and Knowledge Elicitation in the Gulf of Thailand

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Dec 01, 2016
C. Baldwin, R.L. Lewison, S.N. Lieske, M. Beger, E. Hines, P. Dearden, M.A. Rudd, C. Jones, S. Satumanatpan, and C. Junchompoo



  • Coastal zones cross physical (land-sea) and administrative (between countries) boundaries.
  • Coastal zone management requires connections across disciplines and areas of expertise.
  • Coastal practitioners need tools and frameworks to support cross-boundary problem-solving.
  • DPSIR provides structure for knowledge elicitation and sharing and integrated management.
  • DPSIR works across socio-ecological systems at multiple scales.
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