Tutorial 3- Understanding Socio-environmental Systems: Thresholds, States, and Resilience

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Jan 11, 2015
Cynthia Wei

A critical component of understanding S-E systems is understanding the dynamics of the system, including interactions and feedbacks. This tutorial describes basic concepts important for understanding the complex behavior of systems. Learning goals for this tutorial include:
•    Understand why S-E systems are complex adaptive systems.
•    Be able to explain characteristics of S-E systems and describe why they are important to understand systems behavior: feedback structures and behavior in a system, nonlinearity in systems behavior, existence of alternative states or regimes in a system, existence of thresholds in a system, and ability to self-organize and adapt.
•    Be able to define resilience.
•    Be able to identify and explain properties of resilient systems including redundancy, diversity, and adaptive capacity.

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