South Florida Rising Tides: Should We Stay or Should We Go? (2015-8)

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Mar 08, 2016
Alana Edwards and Julie Lambert

In this case study, all students assume the role of a concerned citizen scientist living in one of four south Florida counties. Each student is assigned to a county/city committee and to one of three stakeholder perspectives–– water managers, residents, and business leaders. Using the jigsaw collaborative learning approach, students alternate meeting in county and community stakeholder groups to analyze current articles, data, and GIS maps to identify the specific sea level related problems, socio-environmental impacts, and current and future adaptation strategies. Each county group will make recommendations to the city managers through a mock city planning meeting.

The teaching notes for this case are password protected. If you are an instructor and would like access to the teaching notes, please request access here

Estimated time frame: 
A few class periods
SES learning goals: 
  • Co-develop research questions and conceptual models in inter- or trans-disciplinary teams
  • Find, analyze, and synthesize existing data, concepts, or methods
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