Socio-Environmental Synthesis Education

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Principal Investigator: 
Dave Hawthorne, SESYNC
Associated Program: 

The first SESYNC education workshop titled: “Socio-Environmental Synthesis Education: Goals, Resources and Tools” was held June 4–5, 2012, hosting 39 scholars, practitioners, and media professionals from three countries.

A series of plenary presentations, small group discussions and workshop-wide synthesis discussions, discussed:

  • the nature of socio-environmental synthesis, describing successful cases of SES driving innovation in environmental policy and management,
  • identification of key skills and knowledge needed to do SES, strategies and tools for developing SES learning units (from short modules to multi-course progressions) and integration of SES units into current curricula,
  • identification of attributes of SES that facilitate integrated interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the humanities, and the environmental and social sciences, and
  • identification of institutional challenges and faculty development needs for increasing the capacity for SES education.
Paul Thiers, WSU Vancouver
Gretchen Rollwagon, WSU Vancouver
Caroline Solomon, Gallaudet University
Mintesnot Jiru, Coppin State University
Alan Berkowitz, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Annette Butler
Bruce Grant, Widener University
Khadijat Rashid, Gallaudet University
Tom Langen, Clarkson University
Stephanie Hampton, NCEAS
Kate Thompson, University of Sydney
Gerard Learmonth, University of Virginia
Paul Torrens, University of Maryland
Nicole Ardoin, Stanford University
Jon Erickson, University of Vermont
James Proctor, Lewis & Clark College
Gregory Simon
Clyde Herreid, University of Delaware
Martin Storksdieck, The National Academies
Jay Labov, The National Academies
Leslie Ries, SESYNC
Teresa Mourad, Ecological Society of America
Wendy Gram, NEON, Inc.
Deana Pennington, University of Texas at El Paso
Cathlyn Stylinski, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Cathy Middlecamp, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Janet Coffey, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Kristi Hall, University of Maryland
Cameron Whitley, Michigan State University
Peggy Eppig, Maryland Agricultural Education
Stephen Alexander, University of Waterloo
Shirley Vincent, NCSE
Dave Gosselin, The University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Narayan Dhakal, University of Minnesota
Selmin Creamer, Cornell University
Robyn Hopkins, Maryland Public Television
John Graham, University of Michigan
Sushant Singh, Montclair State University
Brian Coyle, University of Maryland
David Cavallo, MIT
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