Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summary
Potentially dangerous consequences for biodiversity of solar geoengineering implementation and termination Jan 22, 2018

Article published in Nature Ecology and Evolution

Origin of Pest Lineages of the Colorado Potato Beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Jan 21, 2018

Article published in Economic Entomology

Introduction to the Special Feature Practicing Panarchy: Assessing legal flexibility, ecological resilience, and adaptive governance in regional water systems experiencing rapid environmental change Jan 16, 2018

Article published in Ecology and Society

From salamanders to greenhouse gases: does upland management affect wetland functions? Jan 10, 2018

Article published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Urban agriculture growth in US cities Jan 08, 2018

Article published in Nature Sustainability

Is local biodiversity declining or not? A summary of the debate over analysis of species richness time trends Jan 07, 2018

Article published in Biological Conservation

Purpose, processes, partnerships, and products: four Ps to advance participatory socio-environmental modeling Jan 03, 2018

Article published in Ecological Application

Social vulnerability projections improve sea-level rise risk assessments Jan 02, 2018

Article published in Applied Geography

Linking models of human behaviour and climate alters projected climate change Jan 01, 2018

Article published in Nature Climate Change

Transforming (perceived) rigidity in environmental law through adaptive governance: a case of Endangered Species Act implementation Dec 19, 2017

Article published in Ecology and Society