Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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A Scoping Workshop on the Macroevolution of Ecosystem Services Jan 30, 2013

At SESYNC, the working group identified a set of closely related fundamental questions under the umbrella of the macroevolution of ecosystem services. The team then distinguished an interlinked set of ground-level topics from several follow-up questions that were of equal or greater interest levels, but which hinged on having the fundamental work in place.

A Sharing Meanings Approach for Interdisciplinary Hazards Research Oct 29, 2018

Article published in Risk Analysis. 

A simple example of a socio-environmental system: coupled rabbit and farm dynamics Jan 12, 2015

Quantitative models are excellent tools for understanding the dynamics of complex socio-environmental systems (SES), and for explicating those dynamics in a meaningful way to students. Here we utilize both a dynamical and an agent-based model to examine a suite of human-environment interactions in a hypothetical SES. Specifically, the hypothetical SES involves the management of rabbit populations while maximizing nearby farm productivity and profitability. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate how manipulating different components of these two alternative models can help students visualize and analyze key features of the SES, such as feedbacks and adaptation. The models also allow students to assess how different decisions, like implementing certain policies, influence tradeoffs and synergies in the SES.

A simulation tool to scrutinise the behaviour of functional diversity metrics Jul 24, 2017

Article published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

A Social-Ecological Framework for Urban Stewardship Network Research to Promote Sustainable and Resilient Cities Sep 20, 2016

Article published in Sustainability.

A socio-ecological perspective on harmonizing food security and biodiversity conservation Sep 26, 2016

Article published in Regional Environmental Change.

A Spatio-temporal Analysis of Forest Loss Related to Cocaine Trafficking in Central America May 16, 2017

Article published in Environmental Research Letters.

A stochastic movement model reproduces patterns of site fidelity and long-distance dispersal in a population of Fowler’s toads (Anaxyrus fowleri) Sep 24, 2017

Article published in Ecological Modeling.

A synthesis of modern organic carbon accumulation rates in coastal and aquatic inland ecosystems Oct 24, 2018

Article published in Scientific Reports. 

A Systematic Review of Coastal Vulnerability Mapping Apr 02, 2020

Article published in Sustainability.