Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summarysort descending
Working across space and time: nonstationarity in ecological research and application Feb 01, 2021

Article published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.


Cost-effectiveness of four food waste interventions: Is food waste reduction a “win–win?” Feb 02, 2021

Article published in Resources, Conservation and Recycling.


Bioaccumulation of Pathogen Exposure in Top Predators Feb 04, 2021

Article published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

Conflict and its relationship to climate variability in Sub-Saharan Africa Feb 06, 2021

Article published in Science of the Total Environment.

Linking subsistence harvest diversity and productivity to adaptive capacity in an Alaskan food sharing network Feb 08, 2021

Article published in American Journal of Human Biology.

Migration towards Bangladesh coastlines projected to increase with sea-level rise through 2100 Feb 10, 2021

Article published in Environmental Research Letters. 

Lessons learned from synthetic research projects based on the Ostrom Workshop frameworks Feb 18, 2021

Article published in Ecology and Society.


Do forests provide watershed services for farmers in the humid tropics? Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon Feb 24, 2021

Article published in Ecological Economics.

Applying Ostrom’s Institutional Analysis and Development framework, and design principles for co-production to pollution management in Louisville's Rubbertown, Kentucky Mar 03, 2021

Article published in Land Use Policy

Biological Invasions and International Trade: Managing a Moving Target Mar 04, 2021

Article published in Review of Environmental Economics and Policy.