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Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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Socioenvironmental Sustainability and Actionable Science Jan 15, 2012

As we have defined it, actionable refers to scholarship with the potential to inform decisions (government, business, and household), improve the design or implementation of public policies, influence public or private sector strategies, planning and behaviors that affect the environment.

Seeking Cures for North Korea’s Environmental Ills Mar 23, 2012


Margaret Palmer got a firsthand look earlier this month at a looming ecological catastrophe that few other scientists have witnessed. On a rare foray into North Korea’s countryside, Palmer, director of the University of Maryland’s National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center in Annapolis, saw a landscape of wasted soil and rivers choked with silt from erosion. “Farmers were working the land right down to the water’s edge,” she says.


IPBES Knowledge Generation Paper Apr 04, 2012

Resulting from a work shop at SESYNC with the purpose of exploring the program of work of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), with a particular focus on the generation of knowledge function.

Tracking climate impacts on the migratory monarch butterfly May 13, 2012

We assess the impacts of spring and summer climate conditions on breeding monarch butterflies, a species that completes its annual migration cycle over several generations. No single, broad-scale climate metric can explain summer breeding phenology or the substantial year-to-year fluctuations observed in population abundances. As such, we built a Poisson regression model to help explain annual arrival times and abundances in the Midwestern United States.

The Heartbeat of Ecosystems Jun 15, 2012

Article published in Science.

A Scoping Workshop on the Macroevolution of Ecosystem Services Jan 30, 2013

At SESYNC, the working group identified a set of closely related fundamental questions under the umbrella of the macroevolution of ecosystem services. The team then distinguished an interlinked set of ground-level topics from several follow-up questions that were of equal or greater interest levels, but which hinged on having the fundamental work in place.

Landscape as Method and Medium for the Ecological Design of Cities Mar 01, 2013

Book chapter published in Resilience in Ecology and Urban Design.

Temporal Myopia: A Case of Promising New Technologies, the Federal Government, and Inherent Conflicts of Interest Apr 04, 2013

Book chapter published in Research in Social Problems and Public Policy.


Cooperation in Context: Public Goods Games and Post-Soviet Collectives in Kamchatka, Russia Apr 16, 2013

Economic game experiments have become a prominent method among social scientists developing and testing theories of cooperation. These games provide a valuable opportunity to generate measures of cooperation that can be compared from one place to the next, yet challenges remain in how to interpret cross-cultural differences in these experiments and connect them to cooperation in naturally occurring contexts. I address these challenges by examining framing effects in public goods games (PGGs) with salmon fishers and reindeer herders in Kamchatka, Russia.

Introducing AMV (Animal Movement Visualizer), a visualization tool for animal movement data from satellite collars and radiotelemetry May 05, 2013

Article published in Ecological Informatics.