Funded Projects

Funded Projects
Project Titlesort ascending Year Funded Principal Investigator
Cooperation in Unpredictable Environments: A Socio-ecological Model for the Dynamics of a Semi-desert Community 2013 Andres Baeza Castro, SESYNC
Conservation Planning Gaps 2018 Varsha Vijay, SESYNC Postdoctoral Fellow, Paul Armsworth, Collaborating Mentor
Computational Summer Institute 2015 2015 Mary Shelley, SESYNC, Mike Smorul, SESYNC, Nicholas Magliocca, SESYNC, Philippe Marchand, SESYNC, Kelly Hondula, SESYNC
Computational Summer Institute 2014 2014 Mary Shelley, SESYNC, Mike Smorul, SESYNC, Nicholas Magliocca, SESYNC
Computational Environmental Justice Analysis 2015 Paul Mohai, University of Michigan, Michael Ash, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mary Collins, SUNY-ESF
Complexity of Improving Human Well-being & Conserving Biodiversity 2013 Neil Carter, SESYNC
Coasts and sea-level rise 2017 Chris Fields, SESYNC, Julie Lockwood, Collaborating Mentor
Coastal Vulnerability 2016 Dean Hardy, SESYNC
Coastal Communities and the Marine Environment 2020 Rachel Zuercher, SESYNC Postdoctoral Fellow, Jonathan Kramer, Collaborating Mentor, Nicole Motzer, Collaborating Mentor
Coastal Change 2016 Cassie Gurbisz, SESYNC