Funded Projects

Funded Projects
Project Title Year Fundedsort descending Principal Investigator
Computational Environmental Justice Analysis 2015 Paul Mohai, University of Michigan, Michael Ash, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mary Collins, SUNY-ESF
Policy Evaluation Tool 2015 Allen Blackman, Resources for the Future
Valuing Lake Water Quality 2015 Bonnie Keeler, University of Minnesota, Spencer Wood, University of Washington
Interdisciplinary Best Practices for Ecosystem Services Methods in Federal Agency Decision Making 2015 Lydia Olander, Duke University, Robert Johnston, Clark University
ESA Decision Making 2015 Leah Gerber, Arizona State University, Michael Runge, U.S. Geological Survey
Assessing Student Learning of Socio-Environmental Systems 2015 Cynthia Wei, SESYNC, Ana Luz Porzecanski, AMNH, Kim Landrigan, AMNH
Teaching Socio-Environmental Synthesis with Case Studies, Summer 2015 2015 Cynthia Wei, SESYNC
Computational Summer Institute 2015 2015 Mary Shelley, SESYNC, Mike Smorul, SESYNC, Nicholas Magliocca, SESYNC, Philippe Marchand, SESYNC, Kelly Hondula, SESYNC
Species Risk to Global Change 2015 Noelle Beckman, SESYNC
Core Modeling Practices 2015 Tony Jakeman, Australian National University, Suzanne Pierce, University of Texas at Austin, Sondoss El Sawah, University of New South Wales, Australia