Tropical Coastal Resilience

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Ellen Hines, San Francisco State University
Rebecca Lewison, San Diego State University
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Conditions in coastal zones worldwide, barraged by multiple stressors, are deteriorating rapidly. Due to a lack of integration across human and natural sciences, we have a limited understanding and ability to solve resilience-related problems, despite the importance of these systems in supporting human populations and biodiversity.

This Venture will use a Drivers-Pressures-State-Impact-Response (DPSIR) model of coastal resilience to illustrate the principal dynamics that govern coastal systems with an international team of researchers, local managers, and key stakeholders. Group members will refine an existing conceptual framework and generate testable hypotheses of the critical linkages among ecological, biophysical, social, governmental, and economic drivers of coastal system resilience. Guided by that framework, they will use spatially-explicit layers to integrate available social and natural science data (e.g., remotely sensed images, landscape complexity, governance structure and market access) to evaluate these linked-process hypotheses.

The Venture's discovery-driven, participatory workshops at SESYNC will engage scientists, natural resource managers, and planners from two representative coastal sites. By building partnerships between scientists and management agencies from disparate geographic areas, the group's comparative approach will introduce new technological applications and create an innovative framework to guide critically-needed, integrated approaches that will advance coastal resilience and resource management.

Claudia Baldwin, University of the Sunshine Coast
Maria Beger, University of Queensland
Ratana Chuenpagdee, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Philip Dearden, University of Victoria
Maha El Meseery, University of Regina
Orland Hoeber, University of Regina
Christian Martyn Jones, University of the Sunshine Coast
Chalatip Junchompoo, Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Center
Suthida Kan-Atireklap, Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Center
Scott Lieske, University of the Sunshine Coast
Tiffany Morrison, University of Queensland
Richard Pollnac, University of Rhode Island
Murray Rudd, Emory University
Laddawan Sangsawang, Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Center
Suvaluck Satumanatpan, Mahidol University
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